Patient Profiles

Are you protecting your patients 50 years and older with SHINGRIX?1 Review the profiles below to see the types of potential patients for SHINGRIX.

Not actual patients

SHINGRIX Patient: Jennifer

Jennifer, Age 52

She's healthy, but still at risk.1-4

Who's in Jennifer’s Life?

  • Her husband and 2 kids in high school
  • The employees in her flower shop
  • Her running buddies

Lifestyle: She eats healthy, walks every day, and runs a few times a week

Medical History: No current medical issues

Interaction With HCP: Diligent about annual physicals and is proactive in discussing lifestyle changes to ensure she stays healthy

Recommendation Opportunity: When discussing prevention during her annual exam

Recommend SHINGRIX Because: She is always proactive about her healthcare

SHINGRIX Patient: Luis

Luis, Age 56

He always prioritizes taking care of others over himself.

Who's in Luis’s Life?

  • His wife, 3 children, and parents who live with him
  • His team at the local grocery store
  • Recipients of his Food For The Needy program

Lifestyle: He does not eat a healthy diet and is usually too busy to exercise

Medical History: Type 2 diabetes

Interaction With HCP: Reluctant about visiting. Only goes a few times a year to review A1C levels

Recommendation Opportunity: During his A1C check

Recommend SHINGRIX Because: Prevention isn't on his radar

SHINGRIX Patient: Susan

Susan, Age 61

She may not be on Medicare, but is still at risk of shingles due to age-related decline in immunity.2,3

Who's in Susan’s Life?

  • Her husband and 2 children who have recently graduated from college
  • Her mother, who is suffering from dementia and needs significant care
  • Employees and beneficiaries of her environmental nonprofit

Lifestyle: Keeps up with diet and fitness trends

Medical History: Managing her cholesterol

Interaction With HCP: Goes a few times a year to keep an eye on her cholesterol

Recommendation Opportunity: Yearly doctor visits

Recommend SHINGRIX Because: She doesn't have time for shingles

SHINGRIX Patient: John

John, Age 66

He's retired but he's just getting started.

Who's in John’s Life?

  • His wife and 2 adult children
  • He has taken a big role in his autistic grandson's life
  • His adopted rescue dogs

Lifestyle: He always makes time to walk his 2 dogs

Medical History: Knee replacement

Interaction With HCP: Since his recent knee replacement, John started seeing his doctor on a yearly basis, as he is more diligent about keeping his weight down and living healthy

Recommendation Opportunity: During regular office visit

Recommend SHINGRIX Because: He doesn’t want shingles to affect any part of his retirement

SHINGRIX Patient: Richard

Richard, Age 70

He is getting older, but shingles prevention is not top of mind.

Who's in Richard’s Life?

  • His wife and daughter
  • Students and faculty at the university where he works
  • The kids in his pediatrician daughter's hospital ward who he frequently visits

Lifestyle: He doesn't exercise enough and has gotten less mobile with age

Medical History: Cardiovascular (CV) disease

Interaction With HCP: Leans on daughter too much for medical advice

Recommendation Opportunity: During scheduled checkups for blood tests

Recommend SHINGRIX Because: He still has much more to teach and doesn’t want any of that time affected by shingles

SHINGRIX Patient: Betty

Betty, Age 80

With so much to manage with her health, she's not thinking about shingles.

Who's in Betty’s Life?

  • Her 4 children and 8 grandchildren
  • Her close circle of friends nearby

Lifestyle: She walks in the park when she can and maintains a healthy Mediterranean diet to help manage her cholesterol

Medical History: High cholesterol, macular degeneration, hypertension

Interaction With HCP: Overwhelmed with seeing multiple specialists, doesn't always keep up with GP visits

Recommendation Opportunity: During a referral visit

Recommend SHINGRIX Because: She doesn't want to worry about shingles, too

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*Data from the phase 3 ZOE-50 (≥50 years of age) trial (median follow-up period 3.1 years) and pooled data in individuals ≥70 years of age from the phase 3 ZOE-50 and ZOE-70 trials (median follow-up period 4 years) in subjects who received 2 doses of SHINGRIX (n=7344 and 8250, respectively) or placebo (n=7415 and 8346,respectively). These populations represented the modified Total Vaccinated Cohort, defined as patients who received 2 doses (0 and 2 months) of either SHINGRIX or placebo and did not develop a confirmed case of herpes zoster within 1 month after the second dose.1,5 See study designs on the Efficacy page for details.