Patient Profiles

Your patients ≥ 50 years old are at risk for shingles, no matter how healthy they may feel1,2

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SHINGRIX Patient: Jennifer

Jennifer, 50 Years Old

  • Mother
  • Business owner
  • Frequent runner
  • No existing medical conditions

How could shingles affect her?

A shingles episode could cause her to close her business for a few weeks, which her family relies on for a majority of its income.

SHINGRIX Patient: Susan

Susan, 52 Years Old

  • Sole caregiver to mother
  • Goes for walks when she can
  • Takes prescription medicine for her cholesterol

How could shingles affect her?

The pain during a shingles episode may impact the level of care she provides to her mother.

SHINGRIX Patient: John

John, 66 Years Old

  • Previously worked on his feet all day
  • Watches his grandchildren
  • Manages multiple chronic conditions

How could shingles affect him?

The pain during a shingles episode could limit his ability to watch his grandchildren after school.

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Only SHINGRIX delivered >90% efficacy against shingles regardless of age in those 50 years and older.3,*

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*Data from the phase 3 ZOE-50 (≥50 years of age) trial (median follow-up period 3.1 years) and pooled data in individuals ≥70 years of age from the phase 3 ZOE-50 and ZOE-70 trials (median follow-up period 4 years) in subjects who received 2 doses of SHINGRIX (n=7344 and 8250, respectively) or placebo (n=7415 and 8346, respectively). These populations represented the modified Total Vaccinated Cohort, defined as patients who received 2 doses (0 and 2 months) of either SHINGRIX or placebo and did not develop a confirmed case of herpes zoster within 1 month after the second dose.3,4 See study designs on the Efficacy page for details.