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Helping to protect your patients against shingles involves discussing the importance of vaccination, proper administration and dosing, and ensuring series completion.   

Talk to your patients about what to expect, including common adverse reactions.

Patient Counseling

Learn how to properly store the vaccine and the importance of 2-dose completion.

Storage & Dosing

See how you and your staff can reconstitute SHINGRIX in 4 steps.

Reconstitution & Administration

Get important information on reimbursement and patient coverage.

Coverage & Coding

SHINGRIX: Availability and Ordering Update

Today, SHINGRIX is available and GSK can meet demand across all distribution channels. From the launch of SHINGRIX in 2017 through March 2020, demand for shingles immunization had been very strong. Over that time, we estimate approximately 17 million people in the US received at least one dose of SHINGRIX.1

However, stay-at-home measures, prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, have resulted in a significant decrease in patients seeking routine healthcare, including immunizations. This reduction in demand for vaccination has resulted in improved inventory of SHINGRIX.

In order to support and encourage a return to the robust pace and progress of immunization before the pandemic and timely second-dose completion, we have taken the following steps:

  • Removed ordering caps
  • Introduced direct-to-patient education via mass media (eg, television and digital)

You are encouraged to order through your preferred channel to help meet your needs for SHINGRIX. This includes ordering through your preferred wholesaler or via easy, online ordering at GSK Direct.

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CDC=Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.