CDC Recommendations

SHINGRIX: Recommended by the CDC for the prevention of shingles in immunocompromised adults 19 years of age and older1

CDC recommends:


2 doses of SHINGRIX for the prevention of shingles (herpes zoster) and related complications in adults 19 years of age and older who are or will be immunodeficient or immunosuppressed because of disease or therapy.1,*

  • There is currently no recommendation for SHINGRIX use in pregnancy; therefore, providers should consider delaying SHINGRIX until after pregnancy. There is no recommendation for pregnancy testing before vaccination1
    • SHINGRIX labeling states: The data are insufficient to establish if there is vaccine-associated risk with SHINGRIX in pregnant women2
  • SHINGRIX is not indicated for the prevention of herpes zoster-related complications2

*Recommended for 19 years of age and older to align with the age range in the adult immunization schedule.1

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CDC Recommendations for SHINGRIX

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CDC=Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.